Personal Injury Attorney in Hampton, VA

Speak with a personal injury attorney about your case

Not only have you been injured, the legal problems that come with an injury can leave you emotionally scarred as well. If you're seeking legal counsel after an accident, work with a qualified personal injury attorney to represent you and protect your rights.

Michael C. Olson, P.L.C. is a personal injury attorney based in Hampton, Virginia. If you've been injured in the Hampton Roads area because of someone else's negligence and need legal representation, a trusted attorney is just a phone call away.

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Find support from a trusted personal injury attorney in Hampton, VA

Michael C. Olson has handled both auto accident and slip and fall cases. One call to Michael's office, and you'll have a trusted attorney on your side to:
  • Represent you in disputes with insurance companies
  • Go over current and future medical treatment expenses
  • Take up your claim in court, if needed

Michael C. Olson doesn't require an upfront fee unless your case goes to trial. If you'd like to retain a hardworking and reliable personal injury attorney for your case in Hampton, VA, schedule an appointment with Michael C. Olson today at 757-727-7767.